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A little shocking this old diary of ramblings still exists. Much time has passed since my last entry, what... 8 years ago! Some very dear friends have left my life, I think of them often, and wish I could turn back time to see them once again, to hug them tight and tell them one more time how great they were to me and so many others. And with each loss, new bonds also create, and those friendships I am also so thankful for.

Time. It is ours to cherish. But it changes rapidly. Over one year ago dear Caesar left, over two years sweet Lady. It leaves a very senior Dante, with hopes of many more good days.

And then there is those still present, but absent, the pathway that divided, and unintentionally led each a different direction. Still close in heart but not in reality.

Life evolves, before your eyes, sometimes without seeing it.

11:51 pm - 2017-04-20


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